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two steps starting block for match pool

Item: starting platform
Function: anti-slippery
Material: stainless steel 304 and ABS
Color: Blue
Type: Swimming pool starting block
Dimension: : 570x570x535mm
Volume: : 0.174m3
Certificate.: : CE, ETL, ROHS, NSF SAA etc
Packing: Carton

Basic Information

1, swimming pool starting platform appearance must meet the requirements. For example: installation swimming pool starting platform surface need to higher than 50-70 cm above the surface of the water, the starting  board at least 50 cm square meter, the forward tilt is <10ordm ;.
2, Diving platform technical need meet requirements of  the provisions. For example: the handshake must be designed in the fron of diving platform and higher water surface 30-60 cm.  the starting handshake is on the same vertical surface. The horizontal grips are parallel to the horizontal plane and the vertical grip is perpendicular to the horizontal plane. The starting edge of the forefront of the thickness of not more than 4 cm, or both sides of the starting table at least 10 cm long front at least 40 cm long into the body 3 cm handshake slot.
3, the starting station material need durable, not rust, no corrosion, and diving platform is non-slip material, mark clear Arabic numerals around diving platform