Tips on how to heat your swimming pool faster

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Update time : 2018-12-17 14:22:15

As soon as spring has passed, you want to heat your swimming pool as quickly as possible. The sooner the water is pleasantly warm again, the more you can enjoy your swimming pool. For this reason, we would like to give you a few tips on how to heat up your swimming pool faster.

Choose a suitable swimming pool heating system

A swimming pool will heat up quicker if you connect a heating element to the pool.  Those who like to swim from April to October mostly opt for a heat pump. This is an energy-conscious and efficient way of heating your pool.

However, a heat pump is a slow heating element. This is because an ordinary heat pump does not generate heat if it is colder than 10°C. If you opt for an All Seasons heat pump, however, you can heat your swimming pool even at slightly frosty temperatures.

If you turn on the heat pump and swimming pool installation in March, you can then heat your swimming pool day and night with an All Seasons heat pump. With a normal heat pump, this can only be done during the day when it is warmer than 10°C.

Another possibility is to combine a heat pump with a heat exchanger. With the help of a heat exchanger, you can quickly get the pool to a pleasant temperature. Once you reach that temperature, it can easily be kept constant with a heat pump. The two heating systems complement each other perfectly, limiting energy consumption.

Fitting a swimming pool cover

An important tip is to install a swimming pool cover. Every type of cover, regardless of quality, will ensure than some of the heat remains in the water. Without a cover, a lot of heat is lost through evaporation, among other things. The higher the quality of the cover, the less heat is lost.

The best result is obtained with a roller shutter with solar slats. These slats absorb the sun's rays and convert them into heat. This makes the swimming pool a few degrees warmer.

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Fitting a swimming pool cover
Location of the swimming pool

Location of the swimming pool

Before you position or build your swimming pool, it is important to pay attention to the location of the pool. If you position it in the shade of the house, the water won’t be so warm. You need to pay sufficient attention to this because it can make a difference of 3° or more.

A big tree can have the same effect. In addition, a tree can cause the problem of falling leaves. These leaves can compromise the quality of the water, turning it green. So it is better to avoid siting the swimming pool near a tree.

Finally, it is best to check where the swimming pool gets the most hours of sunlight before deciding on the precise location.