How to prepare your pool for winter?

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Update time : 2019-01-04 15:00:55

We have listed several steps below to get your pool winter-ready :

  1. Last maintenance
  2. Filter for long period
  3. Put the filter in winter mode
  4. Uncouple the heat pump
  5. Protect the skimmers with Gizzmo's
  6. Place your winter cover

The first step is a final maintenance of your pool. Remove all the leaves, scrub all the sides and bottom of your pool with a brush, scrub the waterline with HTH Borkler Gel and use your pool cleaner to clean the bottom a last time.

Make a final water quality test with water tester and add the necessary products to adjust the water quality.

Find your testkit
Final pool maintenance

Before you add the winter product, first filter the pool for a full night. In this way, the products have adapted the water quality. After filtering, you can add the winterproduct to the pool.

Now the quality of water is safe to overwinter the swimming pool without problems. Then you can put the filter in winter mode. I recommend to filter 2 hours per day during winter times. In that way the dirt particles are processed and starting your pool in the spring will be a lot easier.

Find all the winter accessories

After this step you must close the heat pump. First, disconnect the supply of water to the heat pump, then disconnect the heat pump itself and discharge the water from the heat pump. To protect your heat pump against ingress of moisture you better place a heat pump winter cover.

Then go back to the pool itself. It is very important to protect the skimmers against frost. Therefore, close them with Gizzmos. But when you choose to filter your water 2 hours per day, than it is better to place isomo. Those gizzmos close the skimmers completely so there is no more supply of water to the filter through the skimmers. With isomo this drain remains possible.

To avoid leaves in the pool, you have to place a winter cover. To prevent damage to your winter cover due to ice and snow, you can put icebreakers diagonally across the water. These icebreakers strengthen the winter cover.