How to install the swimming pool liner

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Update time : 2023-09-06 21:27:04
Install the New Swimming Pool Liner
Your pool liner must be completely installed before it can be filled back up with water, so it’s important for all of these steps to be completed before continuing to use your pool.

1. Firstly, you will want to ensure that anyone who is assisting you to fit the liner will only enter the pool barefoot to avoid any punctures.

2. Remove the liner from its warm environment and place it on the floor of the shallow end.

3. A label signifying the position of the deep end will be attached to the liner. Ensure that this label is facing the deep end.

4. Unroll and unfold the liner across the length of the pool. The liner will have special beading welding along the top edge - this will clip into the aperture of the linerlock, which is already fixed to the top of the pool.

5. Ensure that the corners of the liner are in the correct floor level positions of each pool corner.

6. Starting at one of the corners in the shallow end, push the liner into the corner with your foot. While maintaining the pressure, lift the wall of the liner and feed the beading into the top of the linerlock, until it is held into position.

7. Using the above method, work your way around the pool, locking the beading track as you go. Ensure that the four corners are situated correctly, sliding the liner along to ensure that this is possible.

Secure the Liner
The most effective way to position and secure the liner is to use an industrial wet and dry vacuum. You can hire these from a local hire shop. The vacuum will draw the liner down the back of the walls to ensure an exact fit.

1. Use masking tape to seal the open ends of the pipes connected to the skimmers, inlets, main drain and vac point.

2. Seal the joint between the rear edge of the linerlock and the top of the wall with a neat cement mix; this will reduce the possibility of air being drawn in between the linerlock and wall.

3. Approximately 450mm (18”) from one of the deep end corners, lift a small length of the liner beading out of the linerlock track and carefully position the vacuum cleaner hose down behind the liner. Push the hose down so it is within 6” of the base of the wall.

4. Seal the gap surrounding the swimming pool hose with either tape or wet towels and turn the vacuum cleaner on.

5. Once the vacuum is on, the liner will be sucked back into the walls and floor. At this point, you will want to ensure that the corners fit correctly and that the floor seams align with the base of the wall.

6. If the liner has not been sucked fully, there may be some tension at the base of the walls. Provided that the tension is equal across the pool, this will correct itself when the pool is filled.

7. If there are any creases from the floor seam to the top of the wall, turn the vacuum off and slide the liner along the linerlock to remove them.

8. Switch the vacuum back on and check that the liner fits properly.

Before proceeding to the next steps, you should ensure that you are completely satisfied with the fit of the liner.

9. Once you are completely satisfied with the liner, fill the deep end base of the pool with 75mm (3”) of water.