Five basic steps to maintaining the pool

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Update time : 2019-04-10 18:47:01
First, the circulation

The water in the swimming pool must be the most effective in the effectiveness of the disinfectant. The faster your pool water circulates, the more difficult it is for algae and bacteria to grow, and the impurities in the water will be filtered out more by the filter. The pool water is cycled during the day and for 10 hours or more.

Second,the filteration

The filter is one of the most important equipment in the swimming pool, it can filter out many visible and microscopic impurities. In general, the filter should be backwashed when it reaches a certain pressure (depending on the manufacturer's identification of the filter). For greases and impurities that are difficult to clean, filter cleaners can be used for regular cleaning.
Third, The cleaning

There are sometimes dead ends in some parts of the pool, and the pool water is difficult to circulate. Algae and bacteria are easy to breed here, so it is very important to clean at least once a week for corners, pool walls, pool bottoms, water lines, etc. Even if you use an automatic pool cleaner, it is necessary to brush these positions with a brush. .

Fourth,The test

Each pool is subject to regular testing, mainly to test the PH value and residual chlorine content; by regularly testing the two, you will master the impact of the number of swimmers, weather changes and other external conditions on the pool water, and adjust . For public swimming pools, pool water tests are conducted every day, and private pools can be tested 2-3 times a week.

V. The Chemistry

The final step is to use the right chemicals at the right time, which will help you:

1. Provide a hygienic swimming environment.

2. Balanced water protects the circulation equipment and the pool surface well, and unbalanced water can damage both.

3. A beautiful, sparkling, seductive pool
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