Daily maintenance knowledge of the pool

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Update time : 2019-03-26 21:01:42

The daily maintenance of the swimming pool is the basic and the most important thing in the operation of a normal swimming pool. The daily maintenance of the swimming pool focuses on the inspection and maintenance of the swimming pool equipment. So what should we pay attention to for the maintenance of the pool? Here are some common knowledge about the daily maintenance of the pool:

1. The most important factor affecting the quality of the swimming pool is the pH value. The optimum value of the PH value of the pool water is 7.2-7.8.

2, the outdoor swimming pool in the summer, especially in the rainy season should pay attention to prevent the occurrence of algae, in the thunderstorm to prematurely add algaecide.

3. After the precipitation of the coagulant, it must be removed by a suction device before sunrise the next day.

4, the daily water quality of the pool water can not be less, once every two hours after opening, it is best to use automatic prosecution to maintain water quality balance.

5. The disinfectant must be continuously added to keep the residual chlorine in the water within the range to ensure the water quality sanitation standard is met.

6, when the summer is open to high temperature weather, when the temperature and water temperature are higher than 30 °C, special attention should be paid to lowering the water temperature, and adding new water to cool down is a method.

7. The swimming pool with deep well water containing iron and manganese as the water source must increase the process of removing manganese and removing iron, otherwise the color of the water will not be blue.

8. The blue color of the pool water is not caused by adding copper sulfate or other pigments, but the water has low turbidity, high transparency and high oxygen content in the water. This water color is natural and dazzling.

9. The circulating water treatment equipment is preferably operated continuously. To save energy, a small water pump can be added to operate after the water quality reaches the standard.

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